Contribution to Housing Material and Sanitation Movement in Bangladesh

Dr. Khan has developed a low cost and durable housing material for rural people of Bangladesh. Developed “Jutin (trade name)” is a lightweight, ultra-strong, corrugated and sustainable jute reinforced polymer composite. Its rustproof, soundproof, and saline water-resistant, low thermal conductivity provides more comfort in both summer and winter. Now this Jutin commercialized by USA company, applied bioplastic. They have supplied IMO in pilot project to serve in Rohinga camp in Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh. In this time, IsDB funded for “Innovation of a jute based low-cost, earthquake-resilient, photochromic, self-energy efficient and eco-friendly housing model for displaced population in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh”.

The aim of work is to develop environmentally friendly housing solution from a low cost and durable housing material for refugee and rural people of Bangladesh. Besides that, roof tiles, chairs, tables, etc. are also made by jute reinforced composite which is very long-lasting as well as affordable to the people. Lightweight and fracture proof sanitary toilet accessories are also developed using the same technology. These materials are resistant to corrosion and environmental degradation. These sanitary toilet accessories are proved very suitable to the flood-prone and coastal areas where the sanitation is much more challenging. At present these materials are employed to construct sanitary latrine in the remote and coastal area of Bangladesh with the help of UNICEF. This jute based composite materials are less costly and more durable than glass fiber-based composite materials for similar purposes.

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